Real Talk – RtI and Equity

Real talk.

I’m late to the game on equity in schools.  I’ve started reading, and reading, and reading. I’ve taken coursework examining pieces of the problem like racism, poverty, and privilege. I seek out my own resources – getting books after they come up at Edcamp conversations, on Twitter chats (thanks #EduColor), blogs I’ve read, or podcasts I follow. Anytime I see an article come up even remotely related to the topic, I read it.

All because I believe that when you know better, you do better.

But, confession time, I know- but I’m not sure what to DO. I know all of this information about equity in schools, but what to actually do with all of that? I try to be aware, and examine, and confront my own biases. I reflect, and change, and adjust my teaching practices – but it doesn’t feel like enough.

I’m putting this into the universe because I have to be honest about where I am.

I have a lot of questions about my role as RtI teacher and what that means for equity and my students. I get wrapped up in questions about standardized assessments, “researched based” practices, and the legal requirements surrounding RtI. Am I part of the problem? 

For now, I’m going to start there – with my classroom and my school. I want to do more, go bigger, broaden my scope – but I need to start with what I have direct control over. Me.

So, I’ll start with these questions: How does RtI fit in with equity? What does an equitable RtI system look like?

I’m not really sure. Time to start researching, reading, reflecting, questioning, discussing, and changing.

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