We are Changing the World!

I am excited to announce that for 2016 – my classes have adopted a “Change the World” mindset for our Genius Hour.

We are currently deep into the topic selection process, and students will begin researching soon! (Would have been today…but then, snow day ❄.)

 THIS is the website I created for this project. I have combined our argument writing unit into this project. I know this is controversial for some Genius Hour advocates, but it is how I can tie it to the standards and make it happen in my school. We are calling this “Phase One”.

Students have also created websites for their projects, which are viewable to each other. My district does not allow them to be visible to the world. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some screenshots as we get going.

 I am most excited about Phase Two of the projects. This is where students will take action! I cannot wait to see what students will come up with. Another exciting element of our new Genius Hour is the Change the World Expo. Here students will be sharing their projects (and the action they’ve taken) with other students in our school.

I can’t wait to keep everyone update on how the projects are progressing!

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