EdCamp Leadership in Sketchnote

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about women in in Ed Leadership, combining some thoughts I had about women in ed tech leadership with thoughts about educational leadership in general..

I promised myself (and the Internet I suppose) that I was going to show up. I was going to do what I could to get my voice into the conversation.

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to EdCamp Leadership. I hadn’t ever attended an EdCamp, am new-ish to Twitter, blogs, PLN, etc, and am just now working on identifying myself as a leader. I was excited to have this networking experience and stick my toe into the leadership waters.

I thought that the team from ConnectedEd did a great job organizing the day in St. Louis. I felt like they framed the day in a way that even people new to EdCamp (like me)  had the information needed to be engaged in the process. Going to an even like this without anyone that I know is really branching out for me, and I felt comfortable to contribute.

I really hoped I would have some sort of wonderful statement to make, but I don’t. I keep thinking about it, reviewing my notes, and hoping that something will come to my mind that will make a great blog post – but it’s not happening!

So, I made my first official sketchnote.

What I learned about sketchnoting –

  • I should have made a different note for each session
  • It would be easier to make as the session is going along
  • I’m a natural doodler, so I’m loving the idea of sketchnoting!
I have a few PD opportunities left this summer, so I’m hoping to get in  a few more sketchnotes. 
Overall, I had a great time at EdCamp; I will definitely try to go again. It seems to be an experience that gets better with practice. After years of “sit and get” PD, it’s challenging to really be in charge of your own learning experience.
As I’m going to try to be moving to a more student-led, student empowered environment in my classroom this year, I need to remember that feeling. Perhaps, that is my biggest take-away of all.

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